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The primary trade union organization NPP Neftekhimia LLC was created on May 19, 2011. The relevant decision was made at the meeting attended by delegates of the personnel of the Company, including executives - Director General, Head of the Personnel Department, as well as Chairman of the Interregional Trade Union of SIBUR - Holding CJSC.

The primary trade union organization of NPP Neftekhimia LLC forms a part of Interregional Trade Union organization of SIBUR-Holding CJSC of the Trade Union of Oil and Gas Industry and construction of the Russian Federation!

By open voting the membership of the trade union committee was elected, consisting of seven persons, each carrying out his/her work in such areas as informing and raising awareness of employees in the workplace.

The primary trade union organization is an initiator and supervisor in the negotiation on the Collective Bargaining Agreement stipulating the obligations of the employer and the trade union. Negotiation of a new Collective Bargaining Agreement continued over three months. At the conference the draft document was unanimously adopted and the next day the Company’s Director General as a representative of the employer and the trade union committee chairman as a representative of the labour collective, officially put their signatures under the document, which would regulate their work in the next three years.

Particular and the utmost attention of the trade union organization is devoted to the labour protection and industrial safety. The main objective of the trade union committee is to help the corporate administration in the prevention of occupational injuries in the structural units of the plant, keeping in mind that human life is the most precious thing on the Earth. In this work, the trade union committee through its authorized persons directly interacts with the Administration on Occupational Safety, Health and Environmental Protection of the Company.

Occupational health and safety inspector of the Trade Union is involved in workplaces assessment, in raids for checking the technical condition of buildings and structures, the availability of fire extinguishing agents in the Company’s structural units; for checking equipment, machines and mechanisms for the compliance with the rules and regulations on labour protection; the effectiveness of ventilation systems, sanitary units and personnel facilities. Occupational health and safety inspector of the Trade Union monitors the personnel’s compliance with the rules and regulations on labour protection, provision of workers with collective and individual protection equipment; compliance with the standard working time and rest periods, provision of compensation and benefits for working in hazardous conditions, timely medical examinations of workers. Inspection certificate is executed for each inspection, copies of which are submitted to structural units and the Company’s management with obligatory response on the actions taken to eliminate the identified deficiencies.

In order to maintain the active work pace the Company's management and the primary trade union conduct an annual review competition for the title of the “Best in Profession” and the program “Leader Champion” with presentation of commemorative prizes to the winners. The commission sums up the results based on calculation of the number of comments, suggestions, and participation share in inspections at various control levels.

The primary trade union organization holds cultural events on various holidays (New Year, the Chemist’s Day). It takes an active part in the organization of children's activities, procurement and provision of sanatorium vouchers to employees for health improvement. The Company's employees are engaged in sports sections and compete in volleyball, streetball, mini-football, chess, swimming, weight lifting, table tennis, athletics, skiing.

Trade union organization is now taking an active part in the Company’s Youth Council formation.


Chairman of the Trade Union: Shelihov Dmitrij Vitalevich

E-mail: Shelikhov.DV @


Commission for areas: Idrisova Milyausha Salimzyanovna


Telephone: 8 (495) 278-34-33 8 (495) 995-1468 ext. 6005