Economic Security

The safety system (SS) is included into the management system of NPP Neftekhimia LLC. Main objectives to be solved are combating deception by contractors, fraud and other abuse by the companyвАЩs employees, detection and prevention of theft, ensuring the information and HR security, security of the facility.

The company has a hotline by e-mail and trust line of SS, which messages are recorded and carefully examined. For signed messages the replies are usually provided. Results of response to SS hotline messages are reported to the Director General of the Company.

We would like to pay attention of our partners that the Code of Corporate Ethics of the Company prohibits вАЬ...for the employee to include his or her trusted persons into the sphere of business of the Company in order to gain additional profit, to participate in the company doing business with NPP Neftekhimia LLC, to gain material benefits from potential and existing contractors or do anything for personal purposes that may negatively impact the interests and efficiency of the Company.вАЭ

SS personnel is ready to protect your legal interests.

Safety System contacts:
Tel.: +7 (495) 287 34 33 +7 (495) 995 14 68 (ext. 60-03, 61-06)