Social and manpower policy

Manpower policy of NPP Neftekhimia LLC.

In today's environment of global competition and rapid obsolescence of products and technologies employees have become a major factor in determining a company’s success or failure in the long run.

Personnel is the most valuable and important part of the productive forces of a company. In general, the efficiency of an enterprise depends on the qualifications of employees, their positioning and personal contribution that affects the amount and rate of growth of manufactured products, the use of material and technical means.

Manpower policy is the general direction in personnel management and represents a set of principles, methods, forms, as well as organizational mechanism to develop goals and objectives aimed at preserving, strengthening and development of the human capacity, at creation a responsible and highly productive cohesive team able to react promptly to changing market requirements, taking into account the company’s development strategy.

Personnel policy has several domains:

  • elaboration of common principles of strategic management and personnel development;
  • research and implementation of new methods and systems for personnel training and retraining;
  • coordinated uniform tariff setting rules and remuneration;
  • development and application of economic incentives and social securities;
  • dealing with the representatives of the trade union in the course of preparation of Collective agreement and implementation of its provisions;
  • involvement of young highly qualified employees to the company;
  • exemption from working in hazardous conditions for women.

Personnel policy is aimed at creation a personnel management system based on economic incentives and social safeguards focused on the employee and organization interests convergence to achieve high productivity, improve production efficiency.

Companies strive to retain its employees by creating favourable working conditions and offering appropriate compensation programs to the employees, so that they feel comfortable and confident in their future.

At the end of the year the best employees are nominated and awarded with premiums and diplomas.

Social benefits and guarantees

In order to continuously improve the Company’s remuneration system, a periodic wages indexing is carried out by the Company.

The following nonrecurrent compensations are paid in order to improve the social protection of the employees:

  • retirement compensation,
  • anniversary compensation,
  • compensation for continuous employment ,
  • paid leave.

The Company implements a program of social support for parents of large families; parents of children with disabilities; liquidators of the Chernobyl accident; international soldiers and orphans of former employees of the Company under the tutelage until they reach the age of 18, in the form of annual payment of financial assistance, as well as through the provision of additionally paid holidays.

In order to maintain the Government’s program of the Russian Federation, aimed at raising the birth rate, the Company increased the amounts of additional payments for child birth. The Company provides financial assistance, as well as makes payments for very sophisticated and expensive operations, representing a threat to life and health of Employees.

The Company provides its employees with vouchers for health resort treatment on favourable terms of payment and children of the Company’s employees with vouchers to sanatoriums and health camps for 10% of the cost.